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Message from the desk of Mr. Sumit Dhody, President, Mipalloy Nomura Plating Company Private Limited Dear Visitors,

I extend a warm welcome to all, visiting our website. I sincerely hope the time you spend on our website generates desired result.

I pen this message when the entire world is in a precarious situation with growth rates negative or abysmally low. Even economies experiencing positive or stable growth do not exude upbeat confidence. This subdued sentiment is an opportunity for engineers to prove their mettle by making technological superior products at lower costs. This is also a time when I see a second resurgence among developing economies like India in particular to prove to the world at large its commitment to make high technology and reliable materials at a fraction of their cost in the developed world. To meet these objectives, the Indian industry is keen to push the envelope further and absorb latest technologies or even innovate and experiment with untested nascent cutting edge technologies.

Steel is a fundamental building block. The history pages of all developed economies whether it be USA, Germany or Japan, points towards a robust steel manufacturing industry in their backyard. While the Indian steel making industry is a large economic block, it is still only ten present of the Chinese Steel Industry. This indicates the distance we have to cover. The promoters of our company Mipalloy & Nomura Plating Co. Ltd. have understood the aspiration of the Indian steel industry and have joined hands in form of this Joint Venture Viz. Mipalloy Nomura Plating Company Private Limited to bring the best quality plating technology for Continuous Casting Mould Plates (CCMP) in the hands of the Steel Manufacturing Industry.

Mipalloy is a three decade old Company with its firm focus on advanced Copper alloys. The Joint Venture Company, Mipalloy Nomura Plating Company Private Limited draws upon Mipalloy's vast experience on developing and fabricating Copper alloys. Nomura Plating Co. Ltd. is a Company with a hundred year heritage of developing state of art plating technologies. They are considered as the, experts in this line in Japan. The Joint Venture Company, Mipalloy Nomura Plating Company Private Limited uses Nomura Plating Co. Ltd.'s up-to-date technology in manufacturing plated moulds for the Steel Industry.

Mipalloy Nomura Plating Company Private Limited now brings to your threshold Nickel & our premium TAP-II coated Continuous Casting Mould Plates to enhance the working life of Copper alloy mould plates thus bringing down the overall cost of steel production. The lower down time that our plated moulds ensure, contributes in economical manufacture of difficult steels like stainless steel and HSLA.

We now welcome our customers sales enquires and queries. We also look forward to hearing from potential vendors and suppliers. As a conclusion, I hope this website is also an inspiration for dynamic ladies and gentlemen who would like to work with us and help us meet our objective of adding value to the Indian Steel Industry.

Best Regards

Sumit Dhody

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  • Mipalloy, whose slogan is "Complete Competence in Copper", is a renowned manufacturer of Continuous Casting Mould Plates, Short Circuit Rings & Rotor Bars, Electrical Contacts, Resistance Welding Products & Tungsten Copper Powder Metallurgy Products.


Nomura Plating Co.Ltd

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